The Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Occupational Health and Ergonomics (ACPOHE) 

Occupational Health Essentials Course

This is a free eBite open to all CSP Members which introduces the field of Occupational Health.  It provides an insight into the individual and organisational benefits of OH services, what working in OH may entail, who’s who in Occupational Health alongside values and partnerships, benefits to business and quality assurance.    A must for all physiotherapists who wish to learn more about work and health and those considering specialising in this field of work.

Completion time 1 hour (plus suggested 3.5 hours for additional reading and quiz)

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Occupational Health Essentials Course

This eBite is free to all ACPOHE members. It provides an overview of the Occupational Health Referral and Consultation Process, Guidance on Occupational Health Report Writing and support on how to use the  AHP Fitnote.

This module will help support all physiotherapists with report writing skills and help improve your understanding of how physiotherapists can become involved in using the Fitness for Work Reports in clinic or Occupational Health settings.

Completion time 2 hours (plus suggested 2 hours for additional reading)

Occupational Health Essentials Course

A further 7 modules provides all the ‘Essential’ knowledge required by physiotherapists interested in working in Occupational Health.  Whilst this is an Introductory Course it provides a stimulating and active learning environment to equip you with the skills to work in Occupational Health or to address ‘work’ as an outcome more effectively whatever your current role.    The remaining modules are listed below:

o   Module 3: Law and Occupational Health

o   Module 4: Occupational Epidemiology

o   Module 5: Understanding Behaviour at Work

o   Module 6: Risk Assessment and Management

o   Module 7: Workplace Health Promotion

o   Module 8: Assessment of Fitness for Work

o   Module 9: Return to Work Planning and Guidance

Successful completion of all 9 modules, including coursework and assignment is required for ‘Technical Membership’ of ACPOHE and will show you have gained competency to at least a Level B of ACPOHE Competency Framework.  Cost £250 which includes marking of assignment.

40 hours - estimated completion time for all 9 Modules, including supporting exercises and reading.   

Additional 10-15 hours - estimated completion time for all course assignment questions.