Welcome to the CSP Charitable Trust Education Awards

This section of the Learning Hub is for members wishing to submit an application to the CSP Charitable Trust Education Awards Panel.
The CSP Charitable Trust is an independent charitable organisation that supports the advancement of physiotherapy education and research through annual funding awards made to its members. Two independent committees oversee the allocation of awards. Click here for more information about the work of the CSP's Charitable Trust.

The Conference and Presentation Award was set up to provide funding for qualified, associate and student members, normally residing in the UK, wishing to contribute to one of the following:

  1. an overseas physiotherapy-specific/relevant or interdisciplinary international conference/meeting, excepting the World Confederation of Physiotherapy Congress.
  2. a national conference or meeting relevant to, but outside the domain of physiotherapy.
  3. a physiotherapy or interdisciplinary international conference in the UK.

It also supports members presenting papers for the first time at peer-reviewed national physiotherapy conferences held in the UK, including Physiotherapy UK.

The Academically Accredited Courses (AAC) Award is designed to support CSP members undertaking nationally accredited or validated programmes of study which serve to enhance their skills and knowledge and advance patient care and/or service delivery e.g. vocational qualifications, BTEC awards, access courses, PGC, MSc, PhDs. 
The fund does not support member costs towards undertaking part-time or full-time qualifying degrees in physiotherapy.

Once you have completed the programme/conference/placement which was partly or wholly funded by the CSP Charitable Trust's Education Awards Panel, please complete the evaluation survey on this page.

A set of resources to support Education Award Panel members
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